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         What is BitMeCoin?

            BitMeCoin is member to member bitcoin donation platform. 

         Is my personal information protected with your company?

           Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are

           privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

         Can I have more than one poisition?

          Yes, you can have as many as you want just use different user id for any

          additional account you create.

         How Do I Join?

         Join Team Build Club here

         Can I sign up direct witout sponsor?

        Yes you can 

       Is there any refunds?

        No refunds


Can I buy or sell Bitcoin from BitMeCoin, Team Build Club, BTCMeNow And Best 50 Cent Biz?

Yes, you can buy and sell Bitcoin provided that you are member of Team Build Club, BitMeCoin or BTCMeNow.  There is 10% service fee. For further information and questions please contact admin.